Linux Updates Notification By Mail

The greatest thing on open source platforms that you can do whatever you wanna do .. Simply it’s Perfect

– If you have many linux platforms so you can trace the updates and make sure that admins upgrades the packages and kernel via many ways , I will just mention on of them can be deployed on Redhat .. you can trace the updates and receive it via mail through Yum .

– Yum-updatesd package installed by default with RHEL 5.X and 6.X to inform you with the updates , With some modifications on the default options found on the configuration files you will be able to receive the updates found on the machines

1# make sure the package is installed, enable it on boot and start the service

as root rpm -q yum-updatesd ; chkconfig yum-updatesd on ; /etc/init.d/yum-updatesd start

2# Open the main config file for the service with your favorite editor for me vim is the best

vim /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf

set the below parameters

run_interval = 172800 [ Two days ]  this is cool for me , you can set the time you need
emit_via = email
email_from = " Sender mail address"
email_to = " Recipient Mail address"
do_update = no
do_download_deps = no
do_download = no
smtp_server = 'You smtp_server:port'

3# take a look also at /usr/libexec/yum-updatesd-helper ” Python script”  .. You can customize it also to add or remove some sockets if you want to ..




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