SSH Tunneling

How to tunnel the traffic through ssh to get a proxy?

First of all ssh server should accept the TCP Forwarding .. if not so this will not work ..

it’s simple , Lets say that you have 2 servers and your client and to be totally undetectable from any DPI and the traffic will be through the ssh so we will tunnel the traffic from the Client machine to server A [ ] and from server A we will tunnel the traffic to Server B [ ] … This will be also undetectable if its’ established only between the client and the server

So from the CLI excute the following command As ROOT :
[root@Bassem] ssh username@ -L 8081: -X

Now you can export your localhost ip on port 8081 to as http/s_proxy or ftp_proxy or on your browser and the local port 8081 will forward the TCP packets to the back end server at the end of the tunnel which will be 80 on